Surrounded by elegance and grint, classic ferraris roar up to our cellar

14 Jun, 2024


A true encounter between cultural treasures took place at Terre Bentivoglio with a visit by the Ferrari Club of Erba. The arrival itself was impressive, with the serried ranks of these classic racers dawn up facing our winery complex, the scene framed by one of the word’s most breath-taking landscapes, the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese.
Nor did the fascination of the Ferraris elicit just passive admiration, since participants were invited to step into them, appreciate their elegance, feel their power, and… enjoy a delicious, welcoming glass of Terre Bentivoglio Riesling Brut.
An enjoyment that was cultural as well: our winemaker Emilio generously translated a sensory adventure into a concrete experience, guiding the guests through the winecellar, illustrating the life cycle of the vine and the soils in which it flourishes, followed by how we harvest our grapes, press them, the differences between the Classic and Charmat Methods, and finally following the steps of winemaking through to bottling and storage.
Crowning this special day were a convivial luncheon and cutting of the commemorative cake. All the participants departed with an appropriate memento of this exciting day, a gift bag containing a bottle of Pinot Nero DOC Spumante Extra Dry.

Photo Paolo Bernardotti.