“Welcome home. Here, the hills are cloaked in different soil complexes and decorated with the work of man; they respond with gratitude. We infuse every wine with this identity.”

Pirovano Family

Terre Bentivoglio territorio sasso
Terre Bentivoglio Pittogramma s


These ninety hectares, strategically distributed among woods and vineyards in the foothills of the Oltrepò Pavese, may seem an uncompromising land, seemingly untameable due to its different soil types. But it is actually a precious treasure chest that opens up to those who can understand it.


Here we found the perfect location for Terre Bentivoglio, a name chosen in honour of an area that has always been desired and loved from the start. Our estate grows with its territory, just as its heart beats in harmony with that of the municipality of Santa Giuletta. Our eyes are sated by a centuries-old landscape of vineyards, whose geometrical vine-rows succeed each other endlessly. We stand on the border between Broni and Casteggio, and breathe with the rhythm of the seasons, delighting in its mosaic of soils.



How delicate the hand of man must be in the vineyard is measured by sustainability. Rather than a trend yet to applied, at Terre Bentivoglio sustainability means, right now, following good, low-impact management practices. It means acting in fullest respect for the vine, and for its surrounding environment: keeping the countryside, roads, ditches, and woods clean and unimpeded, an order that then extends into the vineyards, in which no superfluous treatments are carried out.


Attention is paid, too, to the individual persons, and not just because a family in business naturally tends that direction. That means in the selection of a local winemaker, one intimate with the individual water-flows, with the multifaceted types of soil. Not to mention attention to the non-profit sector, with a sensitivity dedicated to the world of the visually impaired, stemming from youthful, personal and high-impact experiences.

Terre Bentivoglio Pittogramma s

Lastly, we should mention cultural sustainability as well. We look at our land with a conscientious gaze, following the footsteps of those who have been here before us: reservoirs to welcome rainwater, the restoration of a cult site near a well spared from drought through the centuries, the restructuring of two ruins that have watched the centuries pass amidst the hillslopes. A Terre Bentivoglio wine contains all this, too.

“We have been given a wonderful land, where every detail, every single grape, speaks to us of gratitude. That land deserves our commitment, our care, our hard work, our respect.”

Pirovano Family