“The real presence in the vineyards is the gaze of Uncle Fausto.
Each one of us, each one of you, is an interpreter of that vision, which is our inheritance from him. That is our Credo, which allows us to imagine, together, the future.”

Pirovano Family

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A brand philosophy dictated by authenticity: this is what “Terre Bentivoglio” means. Our hillslopes enclose a place, a land, where the soul finds itself, a TERRE that means loyalty to Mother Nature, respect for places that should be kept free of excessive human intervention. With BENTIVOGLIO, on the other hand, which means I Love You, we convey our unalloyed love for a style of life, a dedication that marks those who love the fruits of their labour. For this reason, this name is also our promise to you, a solid root system that produces quality wines.

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For a moment, imagine yourself with us in 1997. Uncle Fausto, with the charisma typical of someone who usually indulges in just a few, but incisive, words, takes us to the top of a hill, to a corner of earth he has always loved: the Oltrepò Pavese. The view is exceptional: our gaze wanders over gently-rolling hillsides and more heroically-steep slopes, with the vineyards taking centre-stage. In a moment with a touch of the epic, Fausto’s words reach out powerfully to those of us there, in particular straight to my heart, a young Enzo, and to his brother Tino: “Look. All this is now under our stewardship.”


For a family like ours, the Pirovanos, with a history of taverns and wine commerce dating back to the mid-1800s and a present boasting nationwide success in bottling and distribution, achievement means sinking, at last, vigorous, powerful roots. An additional satisfaction is having put down these roots in Oltrepò Pavese, that, once a place of dreams, has become a concrete, proud cradle of winegrowing.

The marriage between vision and planning launches Terre Bentivoglio, whose roots bud afresh with each growing year.

The first brick of the estate is laid, and the first harvest arrives, gifting us the Pinot Cuvée we called 98.

The opening of the cellar is an occasion for family, community, and growing area to celebrate joyously together.

We build a new area of the winery, striking in design and efficient; today, it is the bottling line.

The winery expands in size: on the tenth anniversary of its foundation, we build a new addition and welcome new crushers.

Excellence demands good style as well: our products are re-branded and re-styled.


Enzo Pirovano, Brindisi (Puglia), 1974.


Beatrice Pirovano, Pavia (Lombardy) 1999.

Terre Bentivoglio natura farfalla vigneto


When one enters a family, its values are the inheritance that pervades everything. That richest, yet at the same time intangible, wealth can define the life paths of the various family members. The first value is therefore this sense of belonging to a solid, united family, a feeling that makes us resonate in tune with the environment in which we live and work. This is the key too to understanding the second value, also indispensable: we create with the intention of producing something that makes our loved ones proud, first and foremost Uncle Fausto himself. This becomes a constant family celebration, a memory that is endlessly renewed. Lastly, the third value, inseparable from the previous two, is fidelity to the land. We reserve half of our estate for woodland, with all the considerable management involved, and lay out our vine-rows to fit harmoniously into the multifaceted terrain on which we live.

“With each harvest, we promise to ourselves to renew our roots, to imagine who we want to become, and, with pride and emotion, to express that in our wines.”

Pirovano Family