Terre Bentivoglio wins the “Charity Initiative” award at Vinitaly 2024.

14 May, 2024


We are proud to announce that during the international wine and spirits fair – Vinitaly 2024 has been awarded the prestigious “Charity Initiative 2023” recognition by Tespi Mediagroup. The award, presented by the retail sector during the tenth edition of Vini & Consumi Award, aims to highlight companies that have excelled through marketing activities, communication, and the launch of new products on the market.
The “Charity Initiative 2023” recognition honors the new labels of our line thanks to a language that places the concept of inclusivity at the heart of the project. On the back label, the name of our company and that of the grape variety have been translated into Braille alphabet, while on the front, one can feel the representation of the texture of the vine bark. These elements have an extraordinary potential to make the wine tasting and sharing experience accessible to everyone, including those who perceive the world differently.
This award celebrates our commitment to inclusion and accessibility and is the result of authentic collaborations. We would like to thank the Institute for the Blind of Milan for accompanying us during the design phase, along with the creative branding and packaging design studio, Tailor Brand of Udine.
Also, this year, during the Vinitaly 2024 fair in Verona, we were honored to welcome the CAI of Peveragnoto our stand, which accompanied visually impaired and blind visitors from the cities of Brescia and Padova to discover our wines and to experience our labels firsthand.
Sharing a passion for wine and promoting inclusion with such extraordinary people has been a truly special moment for us.